When Carla preaches, doors open. Not just doors, but interior doors, closet doors, basement doors. Whether it’s spontaneous or planned, scriptural or poetry, perhaps both, it’s an invitation to personally examine and evaluate where you and your soul stand. Sometimes I feel in congruence, while at other times, challenged. Each time, a journey. And, I feel safe. I feel safe that that path I am following Carla on with all of it’s traps and triggers in the end, will find me in a place of decision and direction. Carla’s preaching gives us a beautiful metaphorical compass. One that empowers each and everyone of us to decide what needs to be done, and how much. And yet, Carla applies proper urgency to the continuum, and we find ourselves motivated to make heaven on Earth, knowing that we shall return for more. Carla is good for the mind, body and soul.