The truth of emotion often trumps truth of fact when you are speaking for results and responses. The essentials of poetic writing can turn even the most utilitarian of speakers into a persuasive, powerful and purposeful communicator.

Carla Christopher was York’s fourth Poet Laureate and the 2014 Arts & Cultural Community Liaison for the City of York. Her independent press, PoemSugar Press / Community Arts Ink, is a Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center partner agency and she is the only York poet to win the Pennsylvania Poetry Society’s Grand Prize. She is a multiply published and anthologized poet, the only guest poet-performer on multiple rock albums and is a regular workshop leader for YorkArts, Spoutwood Farm, and Martin Library, among others. She is also the venue host and special/large event producer behind events from Poetry Night @ King’s Courtyard to Equality Fest.

York has a rich heritage and legacy of craft, which takes both skill and intention. York: Crafted gives York’s doers and makers a platform to share their experience of what it means to craft, and to be a craftsman.

These events include presentations that use the PechaKucha 20 images x 20 seconds format. Find out more at Official PK Nights city.

From York: Crafted’s January 28, 2016 PK Nights event. Video by Randy Flaum.