This Is Why I… (Commissioned by the Agency on Aging)

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This Is Why I Drum

Kisu, York Native, father, grandfather, self-taught master of African and Caribbean rhythms, embraces aging through the power of music, playing with multiple bands and ensembles, and composing original music to the tune of his memories and his many adventures. 

Because my hand is strong enough to make it shout
and gentle enough to make it sing,
I strike the drum
Because the rhythm of its beat
speaks the language of my ancestors,
songs to which my heart still knows all the words,
I strike the drum
Because this simple frame and skin
has called the tribes to war
the boys to battle
the children to gather
Because inside this sound,
I am timeless,
I strike the drum

This Is Why I Dance

Warkenda Williams-Casey, home schooling mother, world traveller, dance instructor, theatre director and playwright, is embracing aging as she embraces every facet of the adventure that she considers life.

Because the drums have made us move
since before time began,
because when I move,
I still hear them,
feel them in my blood,
my bones,
my back,
because I still flow like the river
when the memories inside my soul
begin to move,
I dance
Because my daughters move like I do
with long bodies and strong spirits,
because it is my job to teach them 
to move with grace and beauty, 
I dance
inside the joy of being,
we move together, in endless circles,
ever and always
I dance

This Is Why I Sing

A former Ms. Pennsylvania Senior America, a teacher, a manners and empowerment mentor to young women, and a gospel artist, Nanette Swanson is embracing aging to show women of all ages across the state how
much beauty they hold.

Because I have a voice,
a story,
a heart and a purpose,
I sing 
Because joy has forever been waiting
on the other side of a rough road,
I sing
Because when words have failed
and explanations were not enough,
there was the truth of a choir on Sunday morning,
the truth of a lullaby before bed each night,
the truth of a crackling car radio,
as we danced underneath the stars.
Because music is the language we all share,
I sing