An Easter Reflection

(Originally published on the Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries blog. That posting can be found here: “When she had said this, she turned around and saw Jesus standing there, but she did not know that it was Jesus.” John 20:14 (NRSV)  I write thoughts on the joyful resurrection of Jesus Christ as a dispatch from the […]

“My Story, Your Story, Our Story: A Lenten Devotional from An LGBTQIA+ Lutheran”

This post was originally published on the blog of Reconciling Works, an LGBTQIA+ Lutheran organization. The original post can be found here: A little yeast leavens the whole batch of dough. Galatians 5:9 NRSV I once said “Being Black, LGBTQIA+, and ELCA is the only time in my life I’ve ever been part of […]

A Poem for Advent

This poem was originally written for a series of liturgical poems that became an Advent devotional for Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries. The original post can be found here: May it be a reflective blessing to you. Feel free to share with credit. Adventby Carla Christopher Wilson Hold fast, slip fingered though your grasp has beenagainst […]

“A Deeper Love”; A Pride Devotional

I love Aretha Franklin and I loved writing this Pride Month devotional for the LGBTQIA+ Lutheran organization, Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries. The original post can be found at but I am sharing the text here as well. Great words to remember year round. When I heard Aretha Franklin growl “Pride; A Deeper Love” at my […]

“Shame On You”; A Pride Devotional

I love blogging for the LGBTQIA+ Luthern organization, Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries. This is a Pride Month devotional I wrote for them featuring The Indigo Girls song, “Shame On You”, one of my favorites. The original blog can be found at When I came out in 1996 I went on a crash-course epic journey of […]

A Pandemic Word of Comfort

Feeling a little lost and overwhelmed? Without direction? King Solomon, the wisest man in the world and a man blessed by God, still prayed this prayer upon becoming a leader; “I am only a little child; I do not know how to go out or come in. And your servant is in the midst of […]